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Excelsa Energy offers a wide range of energy consulting services that helps your business improve and manage your power plant, energy efficiency and sustainability. Excelsa Energy focuses on increasing your business profit margins by reducing energy waste and complying with environmental requirements. We truly believe that through combining our strong expertise and application know-how we can deliver excellent energy solutions for your business.


Excelsa Energy offers tailored solutions to help you improve performance, lower risk, increase flexibility and realize better value from your plant and fleet assets.

Our power projects support covers:

  • Full power plant design from 10-100MW permanent or rental power generation plant, HV/LV

  • Hybrid, diesel, gas (Natural gas, LNG, CNG,associated gas, syngas, landfill gas etc.), biofuels, Heavy fuel oil, renewables (solar, battery storage etc.) energy sources

  • Combined cycle power plant

  • Cogeneration (CHP) plant

  • Power Plant operations and maintenance improvements

  • Fuel treatment solutions and skids

  • Exhaust treatment

  • Plant cost reduction solutions

  • Plant optimization solutions

  • Plant digitalization

  • Procurement management

Excelsa Energy can support you at any phase of the project e.g. designing, execution or operation.


More than ever energy is a critical resource where increasingly demanding environmental requirements have given rise to new technologies and working practises to create a more sustainable way of applying power and its components. Excelsa Energy has a broad experience and application know-how within a wide range of industries to study your whole energy generation and consumption process and will advise you the best and most suitable customized solutions based on short- and longterm pay back with the most environmental advantages.

  • Plant fuel compliance solutions

  • Fuel efficiency solutions (Generators/equipment adjustments- Combustion optimization or process improvements)

  • Environmental regulations

Before identifying the energy improvement solutions it is critical to determine what the current energy consumption is. It is not possible to improve what you don't measure. Excelsa Energy can start the process by measuring and analysis of data. This makes it possible to benchmark your energy consumption (internally comparing your consumption at different situations or externally benchmarking it with another similiar facility or plant). As the result we can advise you with accurate improving solutions.

The right energy efficiency solutions target the minimum possible energy consumption and cost while meeting the environmental and industrial demands. The focus is on increasing electrical and/or thermal efficiency by waste heat utilization or combining traditional and the most suitable renewable energy generation alternatives.


Excelsa Energy provides accurate feasibility studies which cover all aspects of your energy requirements and provides you with an in-depth analysis that will help you make a determination as to whether your proposed project is economically, technically, and practically viable. It is important to consider the overall feasibility prior to execution and Excelsa Energy can help you answer with a range of subjects including:

  • Project feasibility study focused on transition to renewables

  • Total cost of ownership and payback

  • Pilot project support

  • Investment business case development

  • Cost saving possibilities

  • Alternative fuel investment and utilization


Whether you would like to renew your existing power generator(s), or you want to purchase new ones, Excelsa Energy can help you in choosing the most efficient and cost-effective products by product benchmarking. As the result, you can invest in the product which matches your (alternative) fuel availability, load demand, infrastructure, environmental requirements and your budget.

As an additional service, Excelsa Energy can also help you identify potential suppliers and executors, and assist in the tendering and selection process.


Excelsa Energy helps you to identify, procure, customize, combine and install the best emissions reduction solutions matching your environmental target level. This can be applied to the pre-combustion, the post-combustion process or to both processes.

Targets can set for carbon emissons, NOx, particle matters (soot), sound emssions.


Renewable energy solutions are mainly capital-intensive but can be a viable solution to supplement the power generation and meet the demand. Excelsa Energy offers the possibility to invest in the renewable equipment for your power generation projects. By providing the equipment we enable you to measure and demonstrate the actual impact of the renewable solutions on your business and develop business cases for the long-term investments.

In order to reach the targeted optimization level with renewable solutions, they need to be selected and designed carefully considering the geographical specifications, load demands, infrastructure possibility and, overall reliability and availability requirements. Excelsa Energy's investment consultants and engineering experts can help guide you through this process.

You can also seek professional advice from us about the available incentive (subsidies) programs and how to be eligible for it.